13 February 2011

Peanut and Food Allergy TESTING RESULTS for Alexander Over the Years

Several readers have asked about Alexander's testing results especially for Peanuts. Below are the results of all testing. Here is the story...

Alexander was diagnosed with a PEANUT ALLERGY at 22 months old
Alexander 2 years old

How did I discover this? 
I had given my son a tiny taste of peanut butter. I remember exactly where we were standing- in the kitchen by our pull out pantry.
I put a tiny bit of peanut butter on a spoon (I love peanut butter). Bending down I gave sweet little Alexander a taste.

IMMEDIATELY he said his tongue tingled. I told him to "spit it out" which he did.  I think I also wiped off his tongue.
I instinctively thought "this may be an allergy". I have zero allergies (happy me) so I did not have any personal experience in the matter.

I made a few phone calls to seek a recommendation for an allergist. We chose to see Dr. Ruff, a local allergist.  I think he conducted only a "scratch test".  Alexander tested "positive" for an allergy to peanuts. What to do?

We were instructed to strictly avoid peanuts.       (Click here for "C'mon Man" post)
I thought "that's it?  That is all we can do to help someone with a life-threatening allergy?"  There was no treatment for this allergy!

Not true any longer. Thankfully a Peanut Allergy TREATMENT is NOW available.
Alexander is being TREATED  for his peanut allergy

For more information click here to read about our "Peanut Allergy Treatment Day 1"
On January 27th he ate his first whole peanut!   Click here to read about it.

Alexander selecting his 1st Peanut to Eat
When he was younger Alexander tested positive to an allergy or intolerance to a host of other foods- but that's another story.
I have not included that information in the testing results below.

Let me know if  this information is helpful by posting a Comment for all to see.  What you have to say may be helpful or encouraging to others.  Let's get the conversation started.  Perhaps we can get a helpful dialog going.

Dr. Wasserman      Blood Testing Results       9/20/2010
IgE              >100 kU/L     class VI

IgG4             19.40 ug/ml  Class III    * class III range 7.51-31.00

ALMONDS    7.34 kU/L  class IV
PISTACHIO  1.13  kU/L  class III
WALNUT      .36  kU/L  class II
PECAN         .34  kU/L  class II
CASHEW       .31  kU/L  class II
HAZELNUT   .26  kU/L  class II
SHRIMP      <.o5 kU/L  class 0

Dr. Ruff          Blood Testing Results           7/23 2008
PEANUTS        IgE             >100 kU/L     class VI

SHRIMP     .37 kU/L      class 1
Dr. Ruff       Food Allergy Testing Panel Results- Scratch test   7/23 2008
PEANUTS     Reacted
Nuts            All including Almonds were NEGATIVE
Soy              Reacted
Wheat          Negative
Shrimp         Negative
Shellfix Mix   Negative    same result for Lobster, Scallop, Crab, Oyster, Salmon

Dr. Johnson    Blood Testing Results        3/22  2002


IgE                 >100 kU/L     class VI

HAZELNUT  18.18 kU/L   class IV

WALNUT        1.55  kU/L  class III

SHRIMP          . 10  kU/L  class I


PeanutMommy said...

 Based on the 2010 blood results, do you consider Alexander allergic to almonds (with an avoidance diet of traces of tree nuts)?  Did you ask to have igE counted for the various nuts and shrimp, or does Dr. Wasserman check these routinely?

Also, do you happen to know what Alexander's peanut blood results were after treatment?

Thank you for your blog.  It gives our family a lot of hope.

JulieBeiersdorf said...

Hi Peanut Mommy- I missed your post somehow. Yikes!Here is some information for you.Regarding Almonds. We avoid. Not too seriously. We don't believe he is allergic to Almonds. In his lab work last summer Almond had been a 7 now negative or zero & the test is 95% accurate. Wasserman still wants to do an in-office Almond challenge and also for Shrimp. Wasserman doesn't think Alexander is allergic to shrimp.Regarding Tree Nuts - We don't avoid traces of tree nuts at all.He eats pecans in items that I make.Regarding his Peanut labs-IgE had been greater than 100 and after treatment it decreased to 35! A 60% decrease. Can you imagine. What a blessing. Let me know if this information helps you. Cheers,Julie B

PeanutMommy said...

Thank you! His IgE decreasing to 35 is amazing!

Our five year old recently started the treatment. She hadn't minded the taste until the last dose increase. Did Alexander complain about the taste lingering with the solution? Did he have any foods or drinks that he thought helped mask the taste after taking his dosage?

Julie Brice Beiersdorf said...

Yes. Sadly he really disliked the taste and still does! The taste continues to get stronger during treating.
Regarding masking the taste. Perhaps chocolate milk. Alexander dislikes chocolate thus there was no relief from the taste. Wassermans staff can give you ideas also.
Keep me posted. Glad the process is going smoothly.- Blessings Julie

Sona Joseph said...

Hi, my son is 17 months old and he had an allergic reaction to peanut butter last Sunday. I gave him two scoops (baby spoon) of PB and within 15 minutes, he started scratching his eyes badly. He did not have any rash anywhere else. Then I gave him benadryl and pretty soon he stopped itching. He was playing around with swollen eyes. I was paranoid and took him to the ER where they gave him Epipen just to be on the safe side. We did a blood test and he has a Class II PB allergy. I would like to know whether this is considered mild or severe and also what are the chances that he might outgrow this when he turns 5? I am not planning to give him any nuts for another 3 years or until his tests become negative. Thanks for your help! Sona

Julie Brice Beiersdorf said...

Hi Sona- you were smart to take your son to the E.R. I am glad to know he is fine. I cannot answer your medical question. I do know that some kids can outgrow a peanut allergy but I think this does not occur often. My recommendation is for you to consult an allergist. Of course you must strictly avoid peanuts. Read my page on "where the peanut is hiding". You will be surprised by the number of foods and restaurants you must now avoid.
Blessings, Julie