03 March 2011

Breakthrough Treatment for Peanut Allergies. Oral desensitization. Interview with Dr.Wasserman.

My son is being treated by Dr. Wasserman for his severe peanut allergy. This is not a clinical trial or study. It is real treatment using oral immunotherapy (oral desensitization.)
The treatment began Dec 2,2010. To read about the full day treatment on Day 1 click here.
This breakthrough Treatment is also offered for Milk, Egg & Wheat allergies.

The treatment has been a great success thus far. After only 13 weeks my teenage son Alexander is eating 10 peanuts per day as his current dose under this program. He has had no adverse reactions.
Can you imagine. A peanut allergic child eating this many peanuts!
It is a miracle.

After Alexander completes the initial desensitizing phase and passes a "peanut challenge" he will be on a "maintenance" dose for 3 years (under the current protocol which may change).
My husband has asked me if our sons peanut allergy will be "cured" as a result of this treatment.
Dr.Wasserman does not yet know if the treatment will result in a total "cure".
Until science proves otherwise, I suspect Alexander will be on some form of a "peanut maintenance dose" beyond the required 3 years. This s OK with me. Our family is so thankful Alexander will have a high level of protection from a serious allergic reaction to peanuts.
Why don't we just avoid peanuts?
Peanuts allergies are often serious and accidental ingestion due to cross-contamination with others foods is a constant danger. Peanuts hide, undetected in all sorts of foods.
For a list click here.

Per Dr. Wasserman in a recent interview
"The goal of desensitization is a more normal life, markedly decreasing the risk of a reaction and enhancing normal social development and family life."

When asked if patients can be considered "cured" with the treatment offered by his practice Dallas Allergy Immunology he stated,
"No. I would consider desensitization an ongoing treatment. We don't yet know if this will result in a remission (i.e., that would be when we stop maintenance doses and allow occasional, random exposure to the food)."

Click here to read the full interview. http://www.allergymoms.com is a wonderful website to explore.
Gina Clowes performs a great service in this area.

I want to thank all the researchers,doctors,medical staff snd hospitals who have worked for a cure and treatment for food allergies. Above all I wanted to thank God Almighty.

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