06 December 2010

Food Allergy Treatment and Recipes-The early years

When my boys were little they were "allergic but mainly intolerant" to 50 foods each. Not to mention scads of trees, grass, molds etc. 
Don't get me started on the hours, days and weeks of time it took to test over 100 foods.  
They were tested in the old fashioned way via injection or intradermal testing. During this test, a small amount of the allergen solution was injected into the skin. We sat in the office for hours receiving shots of decreasing strength until there was no reaction. (First with my oldest son and later with the younger)
The treatment?  Shots of allergy extracts customized with the exact level of allergen needed for each food. We did this for years!  Poor kids.  (There is much more to the story but that's it for now.)
Soooo both boys tested positive for wheat, corn, rice, soy, milk,eggs, brewers yeast (the list goes on). Each child had a different list of foods with some commonalities and different levels of intolerance to those "foods".  
I embarked down the journey of creating my own "versions" of recipes without those allergens. At the time there were few resources for alternative ingredients or non-allergic recipes. Now thanks to the internet such recipes exist. 
Many of you have created your own recipes in order to survive the food allergy dilemma. 
Some were probably disasters and some surprises. Share your funny stories, your successes and your failures.  
Most of all let's all share the best of the best of our recipes as there is a great need for non-allergic recipes that work and taste great. 
Click on the "Recipes Without" link at the right hand side of the blog to view Recipes.
Over time I will post some of my best non-allergic recipes. 
I invite you to email your recipes to 
salt.light.truth@gmail.com   I will post them for you!

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