12 April 2011

Peanut Allergic TEEN to EAT 24 PEANUTS all at once - Big Day!

Today is the "BIG DAY" in our peanut allergy oral desensitization treatment.
There have been many such "vital days" and milestones along the ways.

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Yesterday I dutifully drove to Sprouts Grocery store to pick up a bag of "In-Shell RAW Peanuts" as our peanut supply was dwindling.  I arrived home and began my shelling regimen. These peanut smelled pretty good. 
The brown paper skins were easy to remove from the peanuts. This had not been the case before. Hmmmm?  I checked the package. UGH!
To my unhappy surprise I had purchased "Roasted" in-shell peanuts. 

The last bag of peanuts was "Raw" in-shell peanut but these had been the bane of Alexander's existence the past few weeks because the skins really stuck to these peanuts. 
The time it took Alexander to "ingest each dose",which was already painfully slow, doubled.  
I did not know why until I saw him laboring to remove the skins. 
He asked for more peanuts so I was happy to oblige. I had purchased the raw peanuts at another store so I decided I'd just return to the first place I purchased them. I thought "perhaps there is a difference in brands".

When I discovered I had purchased the wrong peanuts I sent an email Angela Galucci 
at Dr. Wasserman's office. It has been my understanding that roasting changes the peanut protein content slightly. Somehow I was wrong.
Here was her response- "Roasted peanuts are fine. They taste much better and are absolutely fine to dose with.  In fact, we usually recommend the roasted peanuts.  Maybe Alexander will like the taste a little better!"
Okie dokie! Problem solved.

Today Alexander will go to Dr. Wasserman's office for a "peanut challenge".
He will eat 24 Peanuts all at once. 
That is pretty amazing
A peanut allergic kid eating 24 peanuts at one sitting. 

This is the end of what I call Phase 1 of our peanut de-sensitization treatment.
The peanut oral desensitization treatment has been a HUGE SUCCESS for my son.
He has experienced NO allergic reactions.
Please pray for today to be another success.

More later....
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Thank you for following Alexander's journey thus far. 


Pattirich said...

Wow! Hope Alexander has a great day!

Cariclark said...

I have been following your blog since Alexander was about to eat his first peanut. It is amazing to me how quickly the program has gone - I am sure it doesn't feel that way to you. I am in awe that he has done so wonderful in the program and that the treatment is so successful. I hope all goes well for him today, as I am sure it will. I can't wait to read your post about this great milestone!
This site has changed my Families life. We were not aware Dr Wasseman and Dr Sugarman (or anybody) offered a program like this. After reading your blog and following the link to Dallas Allergy Immunology, we felt it was in our daughters best interest to spend the summer travelling from the Memphis area to Dallas. We start day 1 of the program tomorrow for peanut. I am sure you can relate with how we are feeling before this appointment.

Leah_b_wilson said...

Wow!!! I hope it all went well. T.C. just did it last week!!! He ate 24 peanut m&m's though. (since he has no other food allergies Dr. Wasserman said that it would be ok.) He does not like the peanut butter or peanuts by themselves. He did wonderful and had zero issues. Amazing.
He is on the maintenance dose now and doing great!!!! It is great to hear of your son's progress!

Rita said...

Congratulations Alexander & family!! You must be thrilled, thank you so very much for letting us follow your progress. I hope one day my son will be able to do the same! God bless you all!!

JulieBeiersdorf said...

Dear Rita,
The treatment has been truly remarkable.
I encourage you to consider it and look forward to the time your son is treated. Be sure to let me know. How old is your son?

JulieBeiersdorf said...

Hi Leah. So glad to hear your Fantastic news. What a journey for us all. We did it.

JulieBeiersdorf said...

Dear Cari. I am thrilled to hear you have travelled to Dallas from Memphis to start treatment. So happy for you. It will indeed change your life for the better!
How old is your daughter?
I have a good friend here from Memphis (moved here 3 years ago).
And I love your town. Fond memories.
If you need anything or info on Dallas, restaurants etc just ask. I am a native Dallasite and live close to W's office. Keep me posted.
I will pray that tomorrow is successful for y'all.
Blessings -Julie B

JulieBeiersdorf said...

Yes his 24 peanut challenge was a success! He Nade it throygh withoutabby problems.
I brought cupcakes for Dr. Wasserman , Angela G, and Alexander of course.
Wow and hallelujah!
Thank you do much for caring and sending us your good wishes.
It means so much!!

Mksow76 said...

I got your blog info from Tamra Perkinson Lewis who used to be at TCA and it has been an amazing read! My son is top of the chart allergic to milk and also to peanuts and eggs. It gives me hope that maybe he can do this too. Thank you for sharing your journey!


JulieBeiersdorf said...

Hi Kathryn,
We loved Tamra. Are you thinking about seeing Dr. Wasserman? I encourage you to say "yes". Alexander was also "off the charts" allergic to peanuts. >100.
Wasserman treats milk and egg also. I have a friend Ann Pask whose son is being treated for his milk allergy. He is doing very well. She has sent me an update which I will post soon. How old is your son?

Mksow76 said...

My son is 8 and I was thinking about seeing Dr. Wasserman. I love our allergist (Dr. Lange at AirCare) but she doesn't do this type of treatment. We have a baked egg challenge in our near future. I figured we'd tackle that and then move on to this treatment-hopefully!


Leah_b_wilson said...

Hey Julie,
I was just wondering how your son is doing on his maintenance doses. We are still doing well. LEah

Liz said...

Wow!  That is wonderful news about a treatment.  I am brand new to all of this.  My Daughter, 15 months, was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy.  I was researching (and crying) tonight when I came across your blog.  I know we are not eligible for treatment yet (age) but if she does not outgrow it (which is of course what we are praying for)  it is nice to know there is an option.  Plus side we live in Rockwall!!!

Cariclark04 said...

Julie, my daughter just turned 5 on June 2nd. Since late April we have been making the drive fm Memphis to Dallas. Our greatest obstacle has been the weater - traveling through thunderstorms, tornado warnings, even floods. Road closures have been the only cause of us missing an appointment.
We just got back from a trip were Madisen ate her first peanut! Thankfully everything went smoothly and she actually enjoyed the taste -she even asked for more!
Thank you for the updates about Alexander's progress. It is wonderful that he is doing great with this!

Nicole said...

So glad to have come across your blog! :) My 9 year old daughter just started the oral immunotherapy program at the same office yesterday (but we see the new doctor, Dr. Silvers). It was an interesting day! She didn't make it through all 25 doses- she had a minor reaction after the 20th dose. We're nervous and excited all at once about the next few months. I do plan to also blog about our adventure, and when I get it set up, I would love to link to your blog if you don't mind.
How is your son doing on the maintenance dose now that it's been a few months?

JulieBeiersdorf said...

Dear Nicole I am so happy your daughter has begun the OIT.  Yes, the first day is fascinating. 
Read my post "Peanut Allergy Treatment Day 1"  
Alexander was able to take all 25 doses the first day. No reaction.In fact he has never had a reaction during the entire desensitization process from start to finish.  Alexander's maintenance phase has been perfect thus far.  After 3 months his does decreased from 8 Peanuts twice per day to 8 peanuts once per day. The challenge is getting a teenager to remember his dose. He is a little complacent due to the fact he has experience No Reaction!Yikes!Blessings- Julie

JulieBeiersdorf said...

Hi Kathryn,
How did you baked egg challenge go?? Have you decided to have your son treated by Dr. Wasserman?

JulieBeiersdorf said...

Dear Cari,
I wanted to check with you to find out about your daughter's treatment progress.  Let me know. I am sure other readers would like to hear your story.