06 April 2011

Peanut Allergy Treatment WORKS -Now 24 PEANUTS Per DAY for Alexander

My son's deadly Peanut Allergy is being successfully treated. This is an update on the treatment progress for my peanut allergic son. 
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My teenage son Alexander is being successfully treated for his life-threatening Peanut allergy.
This past Tuesday he received DOSE #18 of his oral immunotherapy treatment.
Since my last post on February 23 regarding this treatment my son's dose has increased 
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It is almost impossible to fathom but Alexander is now eating 24 Whole PEANUTS Per DAY.
The dose is divided into a morning dose of 12 peanuts and an evening dose of 12.
The dosing rules state that there must be a 9-15 hour time span between each dose.

When we began the peanut allergy treatment our does was 1/1000th of a whole peanut.
A few weeks ago he reached the milestone dose of 8 Peanuts which is is 2000 mg of peanut protein.  

The oral immunotherapy treatment has progressed very smoothly. Alexander's dose has increased each week barring one incident. 
Alexander has experienced NO ALLERGIC REACTIONS to his treatment!

The chart below outlines his recent progress.
Date Dose     Amount     Frequency     Total Peanuts per 24 Hours
Jan 27          1 Peanut    Twice per day          2
Feb  3           2 Peanuts    Twice per day        4
Feb 10          3 Peanuts    Twice per day        6
Feb 17          4 Peanuts    Twice per day        8

Feb 24          5 Peanuts    Twice per day      10
At this point he was given the option to eat Peanut Butter
5 whole peanuts were equivalent to 1 teaspoon of Jif brand Peanut Butter or Santa Cruz brand Organic Peanut Butter. Different brands contain different protein amounts. Dr. Wasserman's staff researched this fact and listed the above mentioned brands as acceptable.
If the label reads: 2T - 8 grams protein, then 1 teaspoon of peanut butter = 5.33 peanuts
If the label reads: 2T - 7 grams protein, then 1 teaspoon of peanut butter = 4.67 peanuts

Mar  7           6 Peanuts    Twice per day      12
Mar 14          7 Peanuts    Twice per day      14

Mar 21         8 Peanuts    Twice per day       16    
This is an important amount about which I will write another post
Next there is a jump in the number of peanuts

Mar 28         10 Peanuts    Twice per day     20
Apr 5           12 Peanuts    Twice per day     24

How much Peanut Butter would 12 peanuts be equivalent to? 
12 peanuts = 1 T of Peanut Butter (give or take a little)

My son is being a very good sport although he does wish he could quit. 
The taste of peanuts is truly repugnant to Alexander. He takes a very very long time to eat his peanut dose. In the mornings he "hems and haws" so longs that we often barely make it to school before the tardy bell rings. Yikes!

You'd think he would get used to the routine or the taste;however, you would be sadly mistaken. It takes ever ounce of willpower for him to choke down these peanuts.
Just think of it this way. 
What food do you truly hate - cannot stand- loathe- choke when you eat?  
Imagine eating that dreaded and hated food twice per day.  Yep- now you get the idea of what it is like.
I am very proud of Alexander. 
I am ever thankful to God for protecting Alexander all these years from a serious peanut allergy reaction and providing a way for healing.

Later this week I will write a post on the next phase of treatment. A big day is upon us.
More later....

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