15 January 2011

Peanut Allergy Treatment #5 -A New Peanut Dose

Alexander is getting closer to eating his FIRST PEANUT
The countdown to 1 whole peanut continues.  January 20th is "P-DAY"

On January 6th, 2011 for Peanut Allergy Treatment #5  Alexander received his new dose of 175 mg of peanut flour in capsule form. 
I noticed this dosage amount was not on the dosing schedule I originally received so I asked physicians assistant (PA) Angela Gallucci about the inclusion of a 175 mg dose.  
Ms. Gallucci is the primary PA in charge of the Food Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) program at Dallas Allergy Immunology.  

The schedule given to me when we began treatment is shown below. 
The chart shows all the doses to be taken after Day 1 of treatment (which is an all-day affair).  Follow the link below to read my post entitled "Peanut Allergy Treatment Day 1" for those details.

Ms.Gallucci told us a new 175 mg dose was only added recently. 
I asked why?
She explained that all the dose increases for a peanut patient up the 100 mg dose had been a doubling of the prior dose. The increase from 100 mg to 250 mg was more than double.
The new "intermediate" dose of 175 mg was added because the jump from a 100 mg dose to 250 mg dose had caused a few reactions in patients. 
Now all patients who tolerate the 100 mg dose successfully will take the 175 mg dose and then proceed to the 250 mg dose.

We appreciate this conservative approach. 
Alexander was only the 4th peanut patient to receive this intermediate dose.  He tolerated this dose perfectly with no problems. We were told the other patients who received the 175mg dose also had no reactions.

It is reassuring to observe that the Food Oral Immunotherapy peanut program offered by Dr. Wasserman appears to be closely evaluated on an ongoing basis with adjustments made as needed. We are pleased with Alexander's results.

Our entire family is very thankful a peanut allergy treatment is available.


V Dancer said...

Hi, I am studying peanut allergies for my science project and my science teacher (mom) wants me to have official sources other than blogs. Do you have sources that you could give me?

JulieBeiersdorf said...

Hi again. I have now posted some sources on the "Where Is the Peanut Hiding" page.
That should help you with your science project. What is the project exactly??

josephdecostta said...

The allergic reaction occurs when a person's immune system mistakenly believes that something harmless like a nut or peanut, is actually harmful.