24 January 2011

Dose Delayed No Whole Peanut Yet

If you are new to this blog, todays post details a problem my son Alexander encountered last week with his peanut oral immunotherapy treatment. 
See my prior post "Delay in Eating Whole Peanut Probable"

True to my suspicions Alexander was not allowed to increase his peanut dose to 1 whole peanut. 
Here's why.
Last week Alexander skipped his night time dose due to nausea. The next morning he reluctantly followed the doctors instructions and took half of his 500 mg dose. Unfortunately Alexander vomited up the dose. I called Dr. Wasserman and his instructions for my son were as follows:
1- drink some clear liquids.
2- After 1 hour try to eat some crackers.
3- after another few hours try ingesting a half dose of the 500mg capsule.
4- if successful then take a full dose that night

If you are wondering how one ingests half of a dose, read on.
For his half dose Alexander emptied the entire 500 mg capsule of peanut flour into a glass of blueberry IZZE Sparkling Juice and stirred it thoroughly. Next as directed by the doctor he poured out half of his peanut "cocktail" into the sink then proceeded to drink the remaining amount.
This worked perfectly. No problems. That night Xander took a full dose dose of 500 mg of peanut flour in capsule form. 
He was back on schedule at least for the moment.

Dr.Wasserman decided not to increase Alexander's peanut dose for another week

Voila no eating his first whole peanut for my boy- not yet.
My opinion is really of no consequence; however, I agreed (silently of course) with the doctors decision. 
My "mothers instinct" had spoken to me saying "BAD IDEA". 
It made no common sense to me to hurry the treatment just to stay "on schedule". Caution should be the byword. I believed that a sick child with his immune system now lowered should not have it stressed further by increasing the dose of a food to which he is highly allergic

I had not conducted any online research on this topic when the next morning my friend Stacey Hanley sent me an email with some related information. Her son Nate has already successfully completed the desensitization phase of the same treatment Alexander is receiving. Nate is now able to eat Snickers candy bars. Yikes!  I will write her interesting comments in my next post.

For now the "Countdown to 1 Whole Peanut" has begun again.
Thursday January 27th Alexander hopes to be allowed to increase his dose to 1 Whole Peanut!

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