17 January 2011


The days are ticking down until Alexander eats his 1ST WHOLE PEANUT! 
Last Thursday January 13th Alexander's dose was increased from 250 mg of peanut flour encased in a capsule to 500 mg of peanut flour. If he tolerates this increased dose, Alexander will eat 1 WHOLE PEANUT this Thursday morning!

Hopefully there are only a few days left to take the dose in a capsule which per Alexander is "kind of a pain". Every last bit of peanut flour has to be scraped out of a small capsule into the liquid of your choice. 
 Alexander perfected the method. The peanut flour is mixed into the liquid. He then drinks his smelly "cocktail". Next more liquid is poured into the same glass then stir and drink. 
It's also important to rinse your mouth and swallow to remove all peanut flour from that area. 
Per Xander " it's like using mouthwash and then you swallow it."
See my post "Peanut Allergy Treatment #3 and #4 for information on the peanut flour filled capsules. http://justalittlepeanut.blogspot.com/2010/12/peanut-allergy-treatment-3-and-4.html

The only possible "hitch" (ie-complication) affecting the decision to increase the dose this  Thursday is the runny nose Alexander has developed this week. 
We believe the runny nose is due to the weather change and sitting outdoors in cold weather watching a nighttime soccer game without a warm coat. 
We will have to wait till Thursday to see what Dr. Wasserman advises.

Tonights peanut flour "cocktail"?  
Knudsen's Just Cranberry Juice (very strong flavor) mixed with the peanut flour from the capsule. Alexander pinches his nose to reduce the flavor and makes very unhappy noises as he chokes down the elixir. He chases it with fresh squeezed tangerine juice to DROWN OUT the peanut taste. His dad comments " you'd think he was swallowing ... (I must censor the comment). Suffice to say Xander is not liking the flavor of peanuts!

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