09 November 2010

Where to begin?

Where to begin?  This is my first post and my first blog.  Until a few months ago I knew literally nothing about blogs.  My friend Kay Wyma told me she wrote a blog called The MOAT. I loved it. I then realized that I had in fact visited a few blogs while searching for recipes.

All that said, I decided to write this blog Just A Little Peanut as my feeble but heartfelt effort to help others with food allergies.
My teenage son Alexander has a life-threatening peanut allergy.  He is 15 years old.
We are embarking on a "peanut adventure" of sorts as we begin a new Treatment program using oral immunotherapy to de-sensitize my son to peanuts.
He is "off the blood chart" allergic to peanuts. 

This food allergy treatment program is also available for Milk, Egg and Wheat allergic patients. It is only offered in a few places in the U.S.
This is not a clinical trial but a full fledged treatment program!
Alexander will be treated at Dallas Allergy Immunology.
(more details will be provided in later posts as we proceed with treatment).

So join us on our journey.  This new de-sensitizing treatment program just may be the "miracle" breakthrough all of us with a peanut allergy or peanut allergic child have been praying for....


Aggiejules2002 said...

I am so excited to have found your blog. We live in San Antonio but will be going in to see Dr Wasserman in October for an initial consultation concerning my daughters peanut allergy. She is 4 now so we have to wait until she is 5 before she can be enrolled. I am both excited and scared as I can imagine you were. Thank you again for putting this blog together and sharing yoru experience. It has given me an insight into what we might be experience soon.

God Bless,


JulieBeiersdorf said...

Dear Julie,
I am thankful to Dr Wasserman and his entire staff for providing this life changing peanut oral desensitization. You are so fortunate the opportinity to treat your daughter's peanut allergy will be available when she is so young. Be encouraged - the treatment has worked for my son and around 60 other peanut patients. Feel free to ask me questions when they occur to you.
I stand ready to help.
Thank you very much for your comment.
When you begin treatment I would love to post your experience on my blog since you have a small child.
With blessings,
Julie B

Julie B